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Welcome tothe NABNP!

The National Association of Business Networking Professionals isan exclusive business network of over 350 respected service and business professionals worldwide led by CEO Jordan Wexler.You can see a list of our members HERE.

Membership benefits include:

  • Member-Only Webinars- Learn the latest strategies on growing your business direct from CEO Jordan Wexler, and numerous respected industry leaders.
  • Networking Events -Online networking eventsproviding introductions, networking and strategy sessions.
  • Special Discounts on SmartGuy and partner marketing products and services, including videos, article marketing and more!
  • Templated Video on your Business you can use it on your website, YouTube, and more for only $79!
  • Exclusive Listingon Top Ranked Article - Select the article and be listed as a recommend professional (Premium members only)! See list of Articles and CategoriesHERE
  • NABNP logo to proudly use on your websites and other marketing materials
  • Advanced Notice on upcoming SmartGuy products and services
  • and much more...

Join the NABNP! Simply visit, join as a Plus or Premium member, and you will automatically be included in our membership, listed on our member's page, and be entitled to the benefits of NABNP membership.

NABNP Advisory Board Members

Mohamed Abdi, Kreg Atterbury, Mark Barreres, Ariana Baseman, Terry Benton, John Berry, Art Bison, Les Blackburn, Ty Bohannon, David Bonynge, Leo Braun, Eman Bu Rashid, Rick Caldwell, Lance Carnow, Dale Caulfield, Dale, John Chandler, Craig Chapman,Michael Chapman, Candace Chen, John Clemons, Christa Coir, Christopher Corey, Michael Cotrone, Gary Cramer, Daniel Cybulski, Paul Davis, David DeVelder, Kenneth Dinino, Kevin Eichhorn, Michael Fawcett, Charles George, Charles, Steve Gresham, Mike Heckenlaible, Darryl Unrau, John Holz, Andrea Howard, Darryl Hudson, Garth Huels, Eric Kates, Wayne Leyh, Bill Liberis, Mike Liebner, Gennady Litvin, Robert Lundberg, Jeff Lutcza, Tim McCormick, Glen McDonald, John McGinnis, Johan Miller, George Moen, David Moffitt, Tamarin Mullenaux, Shelton Oliver, Howard Olsen, Carol Mack, Doug Parker, Sanjay Pande, Bhadra Patel, Ray Perry, John Piro, Tim Porter, Benjamin Price, Oyvind Ragnhinvstviet, Birgit Rickert, Sam Roffe, Don Rossignol, Jayne Ruckdashel, James Sadlovsky, Mark Scarratt, Sven Schaefer, George Sachewsky, Lowell Sheets, Lynn Simmons, Pat Simms, Nick Smith, Larry Smith, David Snow, James Stafford, Jim Strickland, Allen Sutton, Chung Tang, Katie Taylor, Stephen Taylor, Glen Thomson, Vernon Walker, Fred Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Wolfe, Carl Yettke, Gus Gustavo

NABNP wishes to thank the following sponsors

Find a Professional - Find a is a FREE service, which allows you to quickly and easily find, compare and secure the best price for the job you need! Simply select from the listed categories, fill out what you need done, and your information will be instantly submitted to our network of local professionals, allowing them to compete for your business and helping ensure you get the best price with the best quality.

(want to be listed here? email

NABNP Information

The National Association of Business Networking Professionals (NABNP) is an association of businesses professionals who agree to proactively support their community by not only providing top quality service but referring other local members whenever possible.

Our members refuse to wait for the government to "print" their way out of this economy, and instead are working hard to help improve their local economy now, as well as bring their community together.

All members have taken the time to fill out detailed information on their business, and regularly refer others. You can view their detailed information on the members page listed on the top right corner.

Please note: We do not sell or rent our lists or contact information (see privacy policy). We review each registration to determine if the profession is compatible with our network. Not all registrations will be accepted. Acceptance is NEVER based on race, gender, religion, family status, or gender preference.

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